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Tuesday, April 29, 2008, 19:54

Have you ever seen a bunch of guys camwhoring?

Let's have a visit to the Relief Point in TBS!!

~I was saying "use the mirror as a refelection..."

~the fashes...

~1.2march!! Yeap we rocks!!

#Thx god Wil didn shot Abang Bulu(Firz) in the *1st picture, caused he was *cough* pee-ing... haha 1.2 guys are crazy man.

Wil, Starfish, Hz...


Guess what?....

My birthday is coming… WOOT!!!
and Oops! Why am I telling out loud?

Haha! but only true friends will remember the day when little yewwei was BORN. =)

As usual, when birthday comes we have dreams and wishes to be fulfill!!! Since I’m EIGHTEEN this year, which means I’m finally legal.. I’m gonna do something special on the day itself.

18th birthday-18wishes-18hopes-18targets-18achievement-18 laughter

(1)a DSLR for my very own birthday… 400D *wink*
(2)an Addidas futsal shoe which gonna suit my feet perfectly…
(3)a car license? im currently working on the lessons…
(4)old/new relationship I supposed? single is so lonely yet the past is hard to be forgotten…
(5)A surprise party from my friends? TBF mates/BreastFc members.. anyone? lol
(6)more presents this year? #No more teddy bears please, I have a lot…
(7)Get a HD or at least a D in each subject.. (Acc/Ecs/Ecn/Ms/Bma)
(8)Make my parents proud! =)
(9)Get to know new photographers and their weapons… $$$
(10)A “REAL” futsal match against the ONE POINT ONE? shall we fight like a Man?
(11)Grow my hair( as in a faster rate of hair reproduction )
(12)Maintain my weights and gain my heights! I’m short… Currently >55kg and <170cm>
(13)Stop cursing and forbidden from using foul languages. O.o?
(14)Don’t be EMO anymore! I’m a happy-go-lucky person.
(15)Master my foosball game personality?
(16)Stay away from SMOKING and DRINKING!
(17)Appreciate my families and my friends…

and lastly..

(18)I wish on the day of my birthday, when the clock turns 0000 sharp, someone would call me, sing a birthday song to me and make me speechless…

I will definitely love u to my MAX! i will remember it for my life… one more last thing..

If SWEET18 is for a girl, the what would it be for a guy?

SOUR18? Lmao..

According to Jtsen and Khim, There's no sweet18 in real life. haha once everyone turn legal, they tend to lose everything...


Monday, April 28, 2008, 21:17

Chelsea Beat Man U...

by 2-1

thx to the penalty...
wining with a penalty granted was just plain luck!!

Well we still have goal's difference to spare...

anyway Rooney's goal was awesome!! intercept.. and score!!


Last sunday...
went out for shooting with Shaun.

Shot with my Olympus C-750 Ultra Zoom
Do comments....

~Park at USJ 3A...

~Road that leads to nowhere....

~Dilarang berenang...

~Dilarang Membuang Sampah Merata-rata...

~AMARAN!! ....

~The so called river....

~Panda's favourite dinner...

~Bunch of fishermans

~View from the side...

~Shaun with his 400D...


Another random post again....

Create your own Friend Test here

Good luck in trying....

Saturday, April 26, 2008, 21:50

Random again...

Love is blind...
and It happens everywhere..
Even in my Ns camp..
One of my best mates there..
had fallen for a girl by the name



listen to the story and you will laugh like hell..

-will update about it-


Random post...

Special dedication to you, LIM QI HONG!! Don EMO!! caused you don't walk alone....

Well Don get the wrong info! We're NOT GAY! he posted something emo so i dedicate my emo-ness specially to him =)

Its been more than 5months since we broke up and yet the feelings toward you still remains the same. I've tried so many ways to forget about this whole relationship thing and the past but none is working. Honestly, I still can’t figure out how did u managed to let it go in such a short period of time. And looking at you.. Your perfectly fine, more cheerful indeed and still the same old girl I used to know, but something has changed. Your more mature now and knows what's right and what's wrong for yourself. Family comes first, friends?? second. =) those things that still remain unchanged are your retarded-ness and the hyper active-ness in you =) Just look at the way u blog.. Your still the same. The same old I girl I fell in love with last summer. That's what made u such a special person to me. Well special or not make no differences, if one doesn’t appreciate the relationship, its hopeless to say anything.. Pass few days I've been thinking and thinking over it again. Yet it only brings sad memories during the nights. Somehow I feel that it’s the punishment that god is giving it to me now as a result of not appreciating what I have in my hand last time.. I admit I've screwed up the relationship by mistreating the girl I used to like. I’ve always put u a side... and talked to u very "coldly". As if I don really like u around nor even cared about you.. But seriously thinking back, I've regretted for the things that I’ve done, the words that I’ve said that hurts you deeply.. It was my fault for causing the break. I blame it all in myself. My bad... and for now I should pay the price for doing all those. "Guess is time to move on?" I've been using this phase for more like then 10times already nut yet it still not working on me. Maybe I still need some time. I admit that I'm quite a stubborn asshole. Nothing can make my heart or mind to change once if I’ve made up my mind to believe there's a little possibility of a second chance but the fact in our life is there's none. No hope No faith left. I guess im’ just plain dreaming and hoping for something that will not come true. The chapter of our story has ended long time ago and the writer stopped to write anymore caused she was hurt deeply by her own love. Now I’ve finally realised what you have done for the relation for the past year. There was this period where you tried so hard to save the relation but during that time I wasn even bother about that. I didn’t know how to appreciate it, I didn’t make the effort to save it either, and that was the cause of breaking up. I just know how to screw up things only. Well what is done is done. I don’t think u will care about what im writing either.. No point reading it, its just wasting your precious time. Sorry.. was said many times. But why did I do it in the first place if I know I’m going to be regret and say sorry again for the mistakes I’ve done. In this world nothing is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes before, but mine was the worse case. Although I know what was the consequence and yet I still do it. I seriously dunno why... Over my past 4 relationship, I think the girl I really fell in love with is you. I would 100% agree that the relations before you was just a type of puppy love but when I was with u, the feelings is different from what I’ve experience from the past. You taught me well on how to love someone. Not only loving someone but you taught me how to use my heart to really love someone from that angle. “Sincerity” that’s the best word to describe it =) I guess that made u so special for me =) You changed my entire secondary school life although it is just a year plus together. From an emo person to a cheerful guy till now =) u contributed a lot. U changed me. That the main plot of our story. Without u, I might still remain the same old emo guy and antisocial type of person. Thx to u... =) My life won’t be that wonderful if I didn’t meet u in the first place. You have brightened up the candle of my life when I was form4. U brought life into my life =) What can I ask for more from you? I owed u too much of things and yet this is the way I repay u by giving u such cold-blooded treatments. Serious I don deserve such a nice girl like u for what I’ve done in the past.. I don really expect any forgiveness form you causedI’ im the one who screw up things and treated u badly. But I really hoped that u forgive me =) caused I feel guilty for treating u badly last time.. Right now, I just wanna treated u better but you’re like the one who doesn’t seem to care. Rmb that day u said u feel awkward talking to me caused I still like u? Actually is not the “like” part.. I admit I still like u but “like” as in a friend now and I wish to treat u better for what I’ve done. I regretted. But it seems like I don even have the chance. U know when u said I’m annoying to u, it hurts somehow but not as if u care.. It does hurts. I guess maybe you’re just trying to use this to make me forget about u kua? But I don think is working. It makes me keep thinking of u again and the things I’ve done wrong... Whatever la. At least I'm feeling much better now compared to last time. =) but my best friend here is not.. Aih! pity him...

Relax brother!!

Friday, April 25, 2008, 19:27


One point two VS one point one
was a total bullshit!!

Well this is wat happened..

We were supposed to play futsal match against one point one. Erm if i'm not mistaken we deal with the match's venue and time a week ago right? hmm... at Mez Floor rmb?

Where the one point one annoyed mua for saying few phases of words..

"Aiya! Discuss strategies no need so loud one, No matter wat u cant win..."

Jtsen replied> oh its okay, we're planing to lose nicely.

I was like &%$#@&#???

Thx god JTsen asked me to chill. He got pissed too but his trying to be nice caused the girl was there =.=!!

Oh well forget bt that day.

What happened today was a piece of shit too. Not much different. The moment they said got not enough players caused some of the player cant make it, i knew the match got screwed up. But wat to do? we called every single 1.2 mates so i guess we'll just play on by loaning some players to them. WTF? Ish!

there's something pissed me off...

"oh btw later don forget to give us some challenge"
ken heard it and he was like laughing all the way....

I was like &%$#@&#??? again...

Bloody not enough people still wan what sort of challenge? I think u might wanna get ur team well organised before u can even speak out loud. So that it wont makes u a fool when u said it and i guess lesser people would think u as an asshole if u do it as wat i suggested.

Oh btw.. if ur the captain of one point one..

i say if la..

caused don even have own's players number...

and one more thing...

Do u like have to be "The Annoying One" all the time?

Okay la fine. I paid my part for the shares for the futsal but do u have to like..
"Everyone pay me $4.. i'll keep the change..."

if everyone pays u $4 and there are only 12 of us there.. arent it gonna be $48?
$8 extra for pocket money?

WTF was that?? Are u too poor or something? My god! I don mind paying more la but if u would at least cut out "the keep the change" part den i wont dislike u so much.

Whatever man! Screwed today's match. Im not gonna waste a single $$ on a lousy match like today anymore..


NO OFFENCE TO OTHERS! SORRY IF I DID! THIS IS MY BLOG! its just the way i expressed my feelings...

Oh well, wat's over is over.. Dont keep in heart!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008, 19:28

i miss the job...
taking pictures is fun!! =)

Well tmr is the day...
Vs one point one


to blast balls into their goals...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008, 20:00


The Freeze Event - last Sunday.

I suggested the idea of going there and have fun! So i called shaun and qihong to go along. Unfortunately, qihong was busying with his "singing classes"(his dad told me) plus some misunderstanding between the both of us, i forgot bt him. Sorry. Few hours later, Yunsin msg mua. She said wanna go too... so we brought her along. We wore Green as Rayna told us =) but it turn out she's the one who's not in green. lol.

Reached pyramid early but it was hard finding parking places. The whole place was jammed up. Kononnya nak join Freeze la semua org? lol Shaun was bad in parking. It took him 5minutes just to place the car.. Haha. We went in and the first thing i saw was..

HUGE HUGE DSLRS!!! @%#$&???

Its all over the place.. from Sony(alpha) to Nikon and Canon. Hmm hardly can see Olympus users. I wonder why? so i told shaun its time to show ur preety little wife =) haha time to show them wat we got!! Flash! flash!! lmao..

Freeze was superb! They even have count down to Freeze!!!

It's like..





and everyone FROST!!! including me.

LOL i laughed when i freezed. Caused it too funny. Frost like idiots only... =) sadly only those who participated forst while others just walked like nobody business.. Kinda sad le.. Its World Earth's Day people! Save energy! Save Power! We love Mother of Nature!!!

Pictures of the day...
credit goes to shaun again =)

wat? its just me and yunsin...

The Greens.. One of my fav colour

Wat was that for?? lol she finds it fun...

Freeze For Earth!!

Shaun and i... =) smile

look!!! his pants fall off...

too much of gas pollutions these days people!

yeah? recycle is good =) Do practice on it!

I wondered. Was she freezing or posing? she's laughing all the way...

Say No(Tak Nak) to smokers! Aku anti-Smokers!

Poser!! Loser.... lol

Later on, we went for night shooting. Shaun suggested a place where it is safe( got guards and guns). haha after we dropped yunsin at her hom and we went to the nearest field around usj20. Yunsin joined us. She brought Dash along. Shit! i forgot how old is her liao.. =) haha and she's smelly. The owner didn buy her shampoo to shower her. Yucks!! =P

p/s: Yunsin, I want my hat back!!! lol...


They call this a night sculpture...


Haha... was trying to make a fool of Yunsin =)



Tuesday, April 22, 2008, 18:47

it was awesome playing with u guys....

JTsen, im pretty sure we can beat 1.1 now!

dislocated shoulder...


it was a great game today. But injuries all over my body. Jtsen ramped 2balls toward mua! hmph! One got my butt and another on the shoulder. Ish! how's ur leg? got blueblack? mine bengkak like hell. u ramped my leg instead of the ball...

No Pain No Gain, That's football...

Monday, April 21, 2008, 21:02

Taken on 19th April 2008
Photographer Shaun
400D kit
sigma APo 70-300 f4.5-5 DG

Garick with the free kick, and a cross.. just off the bar WHAT A MISS?

Here come qihong with the cross, and nelson heads the ball.. GOAL!!!

Have u ever seen a football orgasm?
Nah here's one...

-Cherly Gan-



Photography is fun! =)


Freeze For World Earth Day
Save Energy by Freezing Poeple & Power

It was the BOM of the day, just imagine your enquired to freeze like 4minutes, no movements, no action, just freezing. Wow! Its amazing. But pavilion one is better. Too bad for those who missed the event!

Pictures i'll post it later once i get it from shaun =)

Sunday, April 20, 2008, 09:40

Tagged by Qiqi and Kylie

Instructions: Remove ONE question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

1.What have you realized recently?
Love is not everything in life!

2. Have you given your first kiss away?
Unfortunately yes.

3. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 11 buddies you would take with you?

i would take...

~his my best friend since primary school. I've been spending more then half of my life with with him. 12/18years. lol not bad la
~his a good singer and drumer. If i get bored in the island, we can sing "Your Beautiful" together... lol
~everyone think his "ENTRA". but for me his a very nice guy to be with.
~His superb friendly. My primary school mate. 12/18years. Just like QiHong. I love his camera and the tele lens he owns! maybe we'll take some shots of the wild beast on the island, who knows?
~His abnormal. Borned with long legs. Maybe he can help me to plug some coconuts from the trees when I'm thirsty...
~The guy who got turned on by jumping only. Haha dam hilarious =P
~She's the girl i wanna to be with the most and spend the rest of my life with but now it seems like its impossible to come true. A picture of her would be enough for me to bring along to the island.
~My first crush and love =) i missed the days where we sent letters to each other...
~The girl who called me cheese pie. I wonder which part of me look like a pie? She's a good housewife in future!! =) She can cook for all of us in the island. Just name her the dishes and wait to be serve...
~She's the brains of all, she can solve the puzzle and find for treassure in the island. And she's short! =P
~She has the voice of a 3year old child ^^ very cute!

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
The past(A place where is filled with lost of sweet memories...)

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
Turn back time and say I'm sorry....

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Only once. A perfect circle of rainbow. I missed the shot. Should have brought my camera along while I'm marching at Ns camp.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
Nothing caused I've lost the most precious relation in my life.

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Money cant buy love....

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
Its useless...


11. Which type of person do you hate the most?
None. Caused i don hate a person for a long period. I just dislike to be around with them...

12. What is the one thing you cannot live without?
My body and soul...

13. you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
Point it out to me, least i know what are my mistakes. Nobody is perfect in this world. Everyone makes silly mistakes, screwed up relation or even hurts someone they loved...

14.What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Family first, others second.

15.Are u a shopaholic?
No really but if i have the cash in my pocket right now i would.

16.Find a word to describe the person who tagged you.
Short =P

17.If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
Not to be so coldblooded and stop swearing for the sake of my friends.

18.Whats the last shocking thing you've seen or heard?
Mat Rempit got run-overed by rapid Bus?

19.Would you wanna change the world ?
To be a better place i supposed? But it's impossible.. The world is getting from bad to worse. No one could make the effort to save it anymore.

20.List down 3 guys/gals u wanna live with forever.
I'm not selfish, i wanna to live with everyone forever =)

i tag

Saturday, April 19, 2008, 21:54

Its Saturday morning again…

Dated *sounds so gay* Shaun today for a small event of photography. He came n pick me up at 7.30am. We went breakfast together at Sri Melor and Guess who we saw? its Joann and her mom. She’s going for the Anugerah Cemerlang thing. I miss her thought. lol. She's always with her sweet smile and that sexy look *i wish* =P

Breasters have football match against they U12 form5's kia. So Shaun n I decided to be the photographer of the day. Hehe actually I just wanna play with his tele-lens plus taking some photos of my teammates as memories. The lens was superb cool. Though I feel we’re not so welcome by the others but who cares? We go there for shooting… Not socializing!

Tsw was supposed to be there along with us but Sleepy Head cant wake up in time so didn’t get to meet her. We saw Cheryl. Surprisingly she was there too. Haha cloths in market nowadays are getting more expensive, so she’s always the girl with the least cloths on =P My primary school mate till now. She’s a nice person and I don think she’s over-rated…

Well initially I was supposed to play for my team but due to my driving lesson at 9am so I turn them down. But I made my effort by going there and support the team ok? What’s wrong with me? Am I not apart of the team? Captain, U do not need to be so rude asking me to go away just because I’m not playing for u guys for today during the team’s briefing right? It’s not like u guys need also right? Who cares? I’m jus disappointed. Yea, I admit sometimes I do get pissed easily caused I’m a little too sensitive but I always don keep it in heart..

what’s over is over…

It was a nice game. But 5-6 lost…

A better luck next time…

i'll upload pictures asap...

Friday, April 18, 2008, 19:10


somehow i came by this event "Freeze For World Earth Day"

anyone who would be interested in joining it, please feel free to do so =) caused its gonna be hell fun! Hope to see u there...

One in a life time experience...

Freeze for: 4 minutes
Freeze at : 8pm
When : Sunday 20th April
Where : Sunway Pyramid

For those of you who were at April 13th, you know the drill. For those newbies here's what you need to do...

1. Synchronise your watches at

2. Be at Sunway Pyramid well before 8pm. Go about minding your own business. Most people would be congregated at the concourse or designated main area so spread yourselves out for maximum impact.

2. Sharp at 8pm - FREEZE!!! (Be creative with your poses, you'll be viewing them on Youtube for ages to come)

3. When it's time to UN-FREEZE, if you feel like cheering for a Freeze well done by all means go ahead. If you feel like walking away casually as if time did stand still for 5 minutes and consequently puzzle the guy who was staring at you, go ahead. As YOU please.

4. Mingle. Enjoy the rest of your evening. (As earth friendly as possible)

Why Freeze for World Earth Day??
The average person globally uses 2255 Watts of power, or a little less than 23 x100 Watt light bulbs. (

Now that's a lot of power to be wasting. Imagine if we could Freeze the daily activities of as many people as we can for 5 minutes. That's a looooottt of power we're saving for the future generations.

If you're at home and can't join us at Sunway Pyramid, no problem. Just switch of all your power at home and FREEZE, in total darkness for 5 minutes.

If you'd like to know more about conserving energy log onto's where we got educated.

Well that's it then! See ya there!

Freeze For World Earth Day brought to you by:


credits to,

Thursday, April 17, 2008, 18:43

Today class starts at 9am, but surprisingly the guys from 1.2march came superb early then the usual time. I wondered why? lol i guess the main reason for everyone being early today is because of the sex talk Taylor are giving today. lol just a random guess...

Hangedout at Mezzi Floor the whole morning. M.S. class was cancelled and we got no where to go... we waited till like 10.50am? only leave. Seriously speaking, 1.2 guys are dam desperate especially FirZ and Patrick(the starfish)... they even walked 7 floors to reach there earlier den us.


Guys will always be guys...

JTsen didn followed. He was busy playing streetfigher with Kc downstairs.
Wat a waste..

Sex Talk? nyah nyah... it was normal. The talk would be better if Mr Ang gives some demo. Haha. He has sex 4 time a week Lmao.... and his single.
Somehow, i kinda regreted for attending it. Those pictures of STD(sexually transmitted diseases) and HIV are F-GROSS!!! euu..

U would wanna see it caused it spoil my sex APPETITE!!

The part where the sterilization of the male organ was an OUCH!! for all the guys.. The process of sterilising a patient is like plugging off their balls with scissors Ouch! Just imagine it...

i could find the same picture wat i saw today but this is about the same..

U saw the part where the tube was chopped off? Ouch!...

It hurts..


Later on during lunch...
Jtsen and i eat like elephant! Ate double lunch today.

After BMA tutorial, we hanged out at Mezi floor for awhile to do our assignments but ended up on Youtube and blogs... Wth?

On the way back, i almost crash JTsen's car. WTF? Its a long story...

At the end of the day, Jonathan enjoyed the most from the
sex talk. His table fall twise in a row when the conselors are explaning the ways... lol

i hope ur seeing this...

till now..
gtg dinner time! =)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008, 21:25

Promised someone to post about this...

-My family in Tbf-





Jo Jin




sry bt the names i left..
i did for everyone but only 7 turn out nice! =)

hope u guys love it!!


Monday, April 14, 2008, 22:04

Woot! I started driving today. *My first official lesson* but I tried once at home n almost bang my mom’s car onto the wall, thx god I managed to brake in time. No casualties. So I stepped into the car, fill in some particular forms, pay the cash and get started. The uncle brought me to TP2(Taman Perindustrian). He leave me with the gears and brakes under a flyover and asked me to start my driving. As usual a starter, he guided me through the process. Accelerate, brake, shift the gears, signals lights and so on..
For me, my first experience driving on road was so called okay only. I expected more from me. Quite a great achievement actually, I managed to keep the engine alive throughout the whole journey and during shifting the gears too! =) Say NO to “Mati Engine!!” *wee* well the highest speed I managed to go is only 60km/h. I’m expecting more in this coming lesson on Saturday. After lesson, drove to mamak stall. Uncle belanja me the teh tarik. What a nice guy.. Thx!!!

Back to what happened yesterday…

J-Tsen(the short one) gave us a so called very genius math question that he managed to solve it in 5hours. His very proud of it and challenged every single one to try it out, Eventually none get to solve it..

The Question goes by…

Given 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
And each of the number above has to fill into every blank below.
You can’t repeat any numbers..
And the Number 0 cant be placed in front of the numbers.

( _ , _ ) x ( _ , _ ) - ( _ , _ ) / ( _ , _ ) + ( _ , _ ) = 1000

So try it out…

J-Tsen said only genius like him only can solve it. Guess I’m consider as one of them too..

The answer for it, I’ll post it on my next post! =)

And congrats to the winner of the Taylor's adventure race,

J-Tsen and team.
They got 3rd out of 20teams.

apart from it...
Lets just remain a minute of silence for her death.

Unfortunately, PeiWah's grandma just passed away yesterday.
hope she made it see her for the last time...

i'm sry for ur loss PeiWah..
When i got the news it was so sad, my tears are running out..

Rest in peace grandma! we love u...

till now,
gtg! need to revise on my BMA. Test tomorrow.
p/s: thx 4 the msg. sweet yet hurting in some ways. aih!

Sunday, April 13, 2008, 20:14


As we all know, its illegal for Malaysian to own bullet's shell. But rules are meant to be broken. Malaysian just love to break the laws...


Love is not a pasion. Love is greed. Love means piece of shit!